Artesa Brown

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Brown

During my high school years, I had 5 female math teachers. They inspired me a great deal. During senior year I decided to attend Alabama State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. It was this foundation; along with the support of my college professors and peers that I had tutored that inspired me to try a profession in teaching.

Teaching is a skill that gets better with time and can only be learned through experience. I am now in my eleventh year of my teaching career. I improve every year in various aspects. My classroom management gets stronger, and my ability to motivate the children gets better. I’ve found that everything doesn’t work for everybody. I like to do what works for the children and me. I like the fact that I can get through to a child and have them love math just as I do. Good teaching includes reminding children that they can do anything, motivating them, and making sure that they know that I am there for them and that I am a true advocate for their education and well being.