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Mrs. Brenda Edwards


Business Technology Applications
Grade 8th 

Welcome to BTA, this year you will catch a glimpse into the business world using advanced technology.   Business Technology Applications is a one-credit foundation course designed to assist students in developing technological proficiencies in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, communications, Internet use, ethics, and careers using technology applications. Simulations and projects promoting teamwork, leadership, and workplace skills offer further opportunities for application of knowledge, project base, and skills.  Under the same umbrella I will be teaching the following subjects as well:

Career Cluster Exploration  Grade 7th 

Course Description: Career Cluster Exploration is a 70-hour course designed for students in grade 7 to improve communication skills, learn about the value of work, develop leadership skills, explore career opportunities, and become aware of basic employability skills. 

Career and technical student organizations are integral, co-curricular components of each career and Technical education course, Students learn how to assess their own skills and interests, explore industry clusters and pathways, and develop plans for career and academic development. This course is designed to provide flexibility for students. 

Program Goals: By taking Career Cluster Explorations, students will meet the following goals:
 Research and identify the national career cluster
  Explore career pathways for each cluster 
 Identify the qualifications, education, and training needed for specific areas 
 Assess personal skills and interests relative to careers and academic goals 
 Develop plans for further exploration and education

Introduction to TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION Grade 6th